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Kyle about 1 month ago

Chorizo & Eggs

Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right

Carmen about 1 month ago

Duck Confit Chilaquiles

Loving this dish! So flavorful and buttery! The duck meat melts in your mouth. The portion is fairly large. A small girl like me had to share some with my husband to finish ūüėÜ.

R about 1 month ago

Black Sheep Farms Beet Salad

I have been thinking about this salad since I had it and want to come back and have it again! It was incredible!

Mhigday 2 months ago

The Burger

The burger here is absolutely mouthwatering. It is easy to get star struck with the incredible and unique alternative options on the menu, but the item that shows the true soul of a bar (even an upscale one) is their burger. Let me tell you, the burger here speaks volumes to the quality and soul of Haven, these key values are put into every item they produce for their customers.

Cornflakegirrrl 3 months ago

Roasted Local Half Chicken

Literally the best chicken I've ever had! And the gnocchi was to die for. Going back this Friday to have it again, SO GOOD!

Likaia 4 months ago

Gruyère Beignets

Heaven in your mouth!!!

Jodyunger 4 months ago

The Burger

We have been a fan of your burger since our very first visit! While we love pretty much every single thing we try here, the burger always surpasses any other (and this includes the other places in town which is no easy feat) with its toppings, perfect bun and accompanied fries. We love the homemade ketchup, too, and whenever we try to steer away from the burger we usually miss it (which again is not to say we don't love everything else.) Thanks for keeping us coming back for more on a regular basis!

Cg 5 months ago

Mac n' Cheese

This Mac n' Cheese deliciously perfect. The macaroni is not overcooked or mushy, but it's not too al dente... it's just the perfect texture. The cheeses... "ERMAHGERD..."!! The Gruyère and Fontina cheeses totally make this Mac n' Cheese. And the top layer of toasty panko breadcrumbs, give this Mac n' Cheese a light crunch. If their Mac n' Cheese is this good, I can't wait to go back and try some of their main dishes!

Margotgee27 5 months ago

Roasted Local Cauliflower

Seriously the best cauliflower dish I've ever had. I come here in the evenings after work and just order cauliflower with my beer. Not only is the presentation something to see, but the mixture of flavors is divine. The fig purée is something of my dreams!

Kbenson43 6 months ago

Koji Dry Aged Wagyu Carpaccio

I didn't just try it...I can't stop eating it! Crispy capers + fingerling potato chips + garlic-horseradish aioli + parmesan + charred leek ash = OMG. It all goes together so well and pairs perfectly with a glass of red wine. When eating this, I actually very carefully load up my for with a little bit of everything. A little bite of heaven!

Jalcantar562 6 months ago

Duck Confit Chilaquiles

A must have if you come to Haven! It's an awesome late night spot after everything closes. The selection of beers are second to none! I love this place!

Guest 6 months ago

The Burger

It's is funny because this burger and their chicken sandwich are both some of the best ive ever had in my life! Pretty outstanding that something so simple and that I have had so many times - they have found a way to make the burger absolutely stand out in comparison to all other burgers I've had! DELICIOUS

Likaia 6 months ago

Sweet Corn Agnolotti with Tiger Prawns

This is hands down the best dish I have had here at Haven since they opened 10 years ago! The agnolotti filling is to die for and the prawns were cooked perfectly. Thank you Chef Brady!!!

Shelley 6 months ago

Prime Rib Cap

Seriously one of the best dishes I've ever had the pleasure to dine upon. The prime rib was done to absolute perfection. The reduction was so rich and savory that it was almost like dessert. There is nothing about this dish that wasn't 5 star! You would find this quality in some of the finest restaurants and even then, the flavors and textures (intermingled crisp broccolini and smooth onion purée) would be hard to beat. What a gem of a restaurant!

Alix 7 months ago

Mac n' Cheese

The Mac n' Cheese is one of those dishes you wake up the next morning craving! Highly recommend it!

Rob 7 months ago

Deviled Eggs

Great Keto plate!!! taste outstanding

Ernaifenlee 7 months ago

Fire Roasted Kuri Squash Soup

Love this bisque. We tried one to share. Bold and delightful with deep flavors. Will get my own bowl next time!

Heatherjwallace 8 months ago

Salmon Toast

This takes the avocado toast trend to an entire new level! The fresh flavors of the avocado and salmon are perfect with the sweet-tart pickled beets and herby dill. This dish is with making a special trip to Haven!

9starla 8 months ago

Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs are perfection. I don't know what the secret ingredient is but these are the BEST deviled eggs I have ever tried!

Mmmarina249 8 months ago

Crispy Pig Head Terrine

This is the best thing you will ever eat. If you're vegetarian, this will convert your sheltered life into one of wonder and intrigue. The flavor combinations of this dish are absolutely perfect. Expertly paired with the apple purée and mustard aioli, the fatty terrine is by far one of the best items on the menu. And that's saying something considering everything here is superb. Truly. My compliments to the chef.

Mcanter25 about 1 month ago

Chicken Liver Toast

Such a fanatic dish. Chicken liver can really put people off and my fiance proclaimed she didnt like it. After it arrived, she ate about half because it was so good. It fits well with the beer and cocktails on the menu as a pairing and an awesome gastro pub vibes.

Jamilawardak23 about 1 month ago

House-Made Ice Cream

OOOOOF I thought I was obsessed with ice cream before, this took my favorite dessert to a whole new level! #obsessed

Jaylene about 2 months ago

Duck Confit Chilaquiles

Oh my goodness where do I start with this dish! It wasn't even mine, my boyfriend ordered it and gave me a taste. Absolutely amazing. Honestly I dont' think I have ever tried anything at Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar that I have no loved.

Peacek89 3 months ago

Gingerbread Waffle

These are some of the most well balanced waffles I've ever tried. They were perfectly sweet without being too sweet and were paired with amazing drizzle and delicious whipped cream. Absolutely amazing!

Meganepenrose 3 months ago

Fried Bologna Breakfast Sandwich

This is sinful! Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had in my entire life. The bologna isn't like normal store's perfect. I have zero negatives to say about this place in general. I usually order a Bloody Mary along with it. This makes for a great Sunday funday!

Alison 4 months ago

Gruyère Beignets

These are excellent. The flavors absolutely melt in your mouth, the cheese is so decadent. If you're looking for a sexy appetizer to try, this is it.

Ejohnson213 5 months ago

The Burger

Besides the atmosphere, Haven offered the best meal and flavor I've ever had in Orange County. And the Brussels sprouts are a must!

Deb 5 months ago

Gruyère Beignets

Saw this online, had to order it, did not disappoint! Incredible cheesy beignet with beautiful beef and just the right dollop of aioli. The only drawback was having to cut it in half because it was too big for one bite- but that meant it lasted longer!

Mrizo11 6 months ago

Prime Hanger Steak

The steak is so tender it melts in your mouth, the flavors are amazing. Your taste buds will thank you after you have this dish!!

Digicats 6 months ago

Shrimp & Grits

The Shrimp & Grits takes me back to my days growing up in the South! The Harissa and fennel makes it extra special! I eat this almost every time I visit this restaurant!

Drivero951 6 months ago

Tandoori Spiced Grilled Spanish Octopus

Holy cow the Grilled Octopus is amazing! Let me start off by saying that I am not usually a big fan of Octopus from past experiences (super rubbery). This Octopus was full of flavor and the texture was perfect! The lime vinaigrette and cilantro yogurt added great flavor to the Spiced Grilled Octopus. I highly recommend this dish!

Guest 6 months ago

Fried Jidori Chicken Sandwich

Absolutely incredible. Best chicken sandwich ive ever had in my life. I have told SO many people that they need to come and try it!

Likaia 6 months ago

Fire Roasted Kuri Squash Soup

Deliciously well balanced. A perfect start to a wonderful meal

Kathrynengel7 7 months ago

Prime Hanger Steak

Love hanger steak in Paris. The sauces veggies and sliced presentation are a California cuisine rival for the cool gourmet chic in a relaxed setting of the Canal St Martin.

Rob 7 months ago

Pork Tacos

So Tasty , you have to try these !!!!

Rob 7 months ago

Mac n' Cheese

Best Mac N Cheese in the OC

Sean 8 months ago

Roasted Local Half Chicken

Dude, The Roasted Chicken Dinner is unarguably the best (non-fried) Chicken Dinner out there! It is as if my grandma was wrapping me up in a warm blanket just out of the dryer on a cold winters night. Homey, Hearty, Comfort Food, etc... I almost never order the chicken dish at any restaurant, but I find myself coming back again and again for that damn Chicken Dinner at Haven!!!

K 8 months ago

The Burger

Consistently one of my favorite burgers in Orange County! The burger makes it almost impossible for me to drive through Old Town Orange without making a stop at Haven!

9starla 8 months ago

Deviled Eggs

These deviled eggs are perfection. I don't know what the secret ingredient is but these are the BEST deviled eggs I have ever tried!

G 8 months ago

Crispy Pig Head Terrine

Delicious! The crisp bread crumbs on the terrine add a nice texture to the tender fatty pork head while the dressed water cress and and apple purée add the acid and sweetness to balance it all out.


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